Walk To Africa 2013


Our 5th Annual ‘Walk to Africa’ was a resounding success! Not only did we have our largest crowd ever, our gross income topped $100K, which is the also highest we have ever achieved.

There were several exciting moments in our event this year. First is a wonderful ‘Commendation’ to Lighthouse Medical Missions from our City Council. This was read to those gathered by Santa Monica’s Mayor, Pam O’Connor.

Second, several USC Trojan football players came early to ‘warm up the crowd’ before the Walk. These young athletes (who I might add were very big and very buff) did a great job and had a good time doing it!

Third and final thought, the ‘Walk’ was a healthy and wholesome time for everyone who participated. We were blessed with a true “Chamber of Commerce” kind of day. As a result of the success of this event, our work in Africa will be able to continue strong. Our next trip is scheduled to depart on October 31st to Guinea Bissau, a Portuguese speaking country on the western coast of Africa.

Thank you again for your gift and may God bless you for your kindness to others.


Robert C. Hamilton, M.D., Coordinator
Lighthouse Medical Missions