Lighthouse Medical Missions worked with Uplift, a German based NGO in Bishkek to visit two orphanages hosting over 500 children.  We ministered to children in the villages of Belovodskoe and Tokmok in the Chuy Province.  Most of the children suffered from severez neurological disabilities.  In our photos you will see we distributed both dolls and soccer balls to the children in addition to meeting their physical needs.  We also met with the head of the largest pediatric hospital.  Our trip helped to establish relations in this culturally vibrant yet isolated country, providing a foundation for further work in this community.

Our fall 2012 trip created a new paradigm for Lighthouse Medical Missions as a team of 15 travelled halfway around the world, to the remote mountain country of Kyrgyzstan.  Bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China, the people were under Soviet control from 1917-1991.  There are approximately 40 orphanages in Kyrgyzstan housing nearly 5,000 children in this country of 5.5 million people.