Burkina Faso


It was a groundbreaking year as Lighthouse Medical Missions launched teams to three countries on one medical mission trip. 53 people served in three countries, 3,900 lives touched!  Teams returned to Sierra Leone, Benin and we travelled to a new country, Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso is a country that has experienced civil unrest which we experienced with curfews in effect.  The clinic took place in Ougadougo  with the supoort of the Door Church and Pastor Benjamin Mettle.  Our clinic was held in a rented home two blocks from the church where services were held nightly with patients returning for comfort and hope of the Good News.  The compound had high walls so the people could not see in and become anxious and storm the gates.  Dr. Larry Czer, Dr. Bill White and  a male nurse practitioner from Senegal, Simone, worked hard assisting our team to see 1200 patients in 5 days!


One night we had dinner with the U.S. Ambassador, the nurse from the Embassy and several Burkina government offcials who spoke to the assembly also.  The Ambassador said he had heard of Lighthouse Medical Missions work in Africa and was please by the reports.  We were too!  The nurse is helping three patients from the clinic to obtain surgery, two for breast cancer and a young boy with a bone tumor in his jaw.

Overall, it was moving to know that our work brought people to church to be changed forever by hearing the word of God.  Pastor Benji was encouraged and that brought joy to the team knowing our mission was complete in helping people both spiritually and physically.


Thank you for your partnership in this amazing African mission trip!